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Lloyds open banking error on rename of lines


We use the Lloyds open banking feed. It basically works but when we then rename lines from the statement in Quickfile the sync lock (between Lloyds and Quickfile) seems to break and there can be errors : When the next open banking download happens from Lloyds, lines can get missed or duplicated. Can this be fixed please or what are the workarounds?



Hi @Andy_Large

If you rename transactions that come in through the open banking feed then the feed won’t recognise these transactions so would import them again.

It is best to leave the transactions alone - you can add notes rather than renaming them

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Okay. Thanks for your suggestion. The problem this creates is that I would then need to be able search transaction line and notes line simultaneously in the Quickfile interface. How do I do that please?

Hi @Andy_Large

There is no way to search both fields simultaneously, you would have to run two searches for the transaction line and one for the notes.

Are you able to provide any information as to why you may need to run this search? there may be another way around it

I need to know (for a given week or month), how much money has been to paid to us by a specific client. Is that possible please?

Hi @Andy_Large

It certainly is :slight_smile:

If you go to Sales >> View Clients, and click on Search, you’ll have some options there to calculate a total invoiced and total received for all clients (or based on your search criteria).
But, if it is just one specific client, you can view that specific client, click on View and select All Payments
And from there, click “Search” and enter a date range

Hope that helps!

Thanks. But I then need to drill into each client and see if there are any notes that have been made next to the payments they have made. How do I do it please?

You can click “View” next to the payment. If the notes are on the payment itself, you can view these by hovering over the little question mark next to the line in the payment report.

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