Lloyds TSB Business Banking Feeds

Hi QF,

In the instructions for Banking Feeds, Lloyds TSB Business Banking is listed. Now that Lloyds and TSB are separate banks, will this feed work for both of them individually?



At the moment we are only supporting Lloyds Business Banking customers. If the login format for TSB is similar we may in future extend the feed to also cover TSB customers.

OK, thanks for the update.



Glenn, The TSB site is identical except for branding, login, security, etc. are identical, I would imagine it would be a piece of cake for you.

That certainly makes things much easier. The only other slight difficulty is that we don’t have a TSB account, so we can’t do any development or testing.

We’re happy to release the code for the Chrome Extension but we need someone then with a TSB account and who can write javascript code.

Have the account but script is beyond my pay grade I’m afraid, hope someone else can help

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