Locked entries

I realise this has been covered before but I am regularly stuck not wanting to rollback a VAT return on the basis it will probably add to my headache of trying to figure out what else might change when I do that and then re-save the VAT return (I guess the results might change and I dont want them to). My problem is actually client side - they keep coming back sometimes months after the fact asking the invoice descriptions to be changed. The only way I can achieve this is to credit the old invoice and create new ones which creates even more confusion on their side! I guess the answer will be no but just to ask - there is no way to be able to edit old invoice address / item descriptions (without changing values) to be able to satisfy the client with the least amount of effort? It would be nice if the locked fields related to the values and even items selected but you could still edit product description and address fields. Hope this all makes sense to someone!

Hi @sean1

Unfortunately if an invoice is locked because of a VAT return, the only way to make it editable would be to roll back the related return.

Is there a reason your client wants to change descriptions? Just trying to gauge the reasoning, and perhaps there’s something else we could suggest.

You’re welcome to start a #feature request for editable descriptions if you wish, and we can certainly monitor the interest in this going forward.

Hi Matthew,
For no good reason other than to alter their original instructions! There are 2 problems I face - this company is large and they require me to invoice multiple company numbers which operate under one umbrella. So I edit the address fields so they all stay within the same client account to reflect the particular name for the invoice in question. The reason I have to do this (and not setup seperate accounts) is that they pay multiple invoices together - and you can only reconcile a single payment to 1 client account (unless you make extra work and break down the payments manually in some other account and then allocate accordingly which I dont want to do!). The second reason is that they come back after the fact and alter either the PO number or ask that I provide a % breakdown in the descriptions - i guess so they can be lazy and not allocate it themselves internally for some reason.

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