Locked Nominal Accounts - Can't Use

I have a number of Nominal Accounts (including e.g. 4000 General Sales) where the padlock is locked and grey. I can’t raise a sales invoice in General Sales.



Hi @karltonks,

The nominal account you mention is a standard one and is unable to be edited which is why it will show as locked when you look at the nominal list. You should still however be able to raise an invoice using this nominal.

Where are you raising the invoice from? are you seeing an error when you try to add this nominal?

Hi Beth,
When I go to choose that account in the “Item” box of a sales invoice it will recognise other accounts but not “sales” or “general”

To set the nominal for a sales invoice line you need to click the little cog wheel icon in the description box and then select from the drop down list. The “item” box is separate, that’s for if you’ve created inventory items.

That’s not working. I select General Sales from the drop down list in Description, but the system is asking for an Item description and will not recognise General Sales there.

You still need to enter a description for each line. The nominal code “general sales” is just to classify the sales in your profit & loss report, but it isn’t visible to the customer - they just see the free text description that tells them exactly what you’ve sold them.

If you want to be able to select the item you’re selling from a pre-populated list then you need to look at the “inventory” settings rather than the nominal codes.

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