Locked purchase invoices


I am wanting to amend some purchase invoices which were previously inputted wrongly. The message I have is: This transaction has been locked as it relates to a previously submitted VAT return. You can continue to log payments against this invoice but you cannot change the amount or items. Is there any way to modify these invoices?

The only way to modify a purchase invoice that has been locked to a VAT return is to rollback that return. If you have categorised any items incorrectly on the purchase invoice it’s better to fix using a journal. The other thing you can do is credit note the invoice and reissue, for anything that goes beyond categorisation problems.

Thanks, how do I roll back a VAT return?

If you submitted the return electronically then this is something we would need to do for you. If not you can go to view the VAT return and you should see a button “Rollback VAT Return”. Just a word of warning, this should only be used as a last resort (especially if you have already submitted these figures to HMRC).


I have the same issue as ASNRF, a purchase invoice was incorrectly created and is now locked due to the VAT return having already been submitted. We do file electronically through QuickFile. The purchase is none VAT bearing. I am offered the option to roll back but from your previous reply I assume the appropriate action is to contact you about correcting our mistake?

Thank you kindly

Since that post users can roll back their own VAT returns, but only in reverse-order from when they were created.

Having said that I wouldn’t necessarily go to the trouble of rolling back a VAT return for one misplaced purchase (seems a bit drastic), especially given that it isn’t even VAT bearing. Credit note the purchase and it will get automatically adjusted out on the next VAT return.

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