Log in form Enter Button

Noticed this yesterday, but I thought it was just me. When I fill in my email address and password, pressing ‘Enter’ no long works.

I think we changed the button type on the login screen from an input to a postback link. I’m not sure if we can trigger a submit using this new button type?

Not sure so much about an anchor tag, but maybe you could use javascript on the input fields to trigger the WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions() code?

Found these 2 which may be of some help?

Yes it can be done, but it’s easier for us to just revert it back to an input button rather than use a javascript hack.

I’ve asked this to be changed and it should go live next week.

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No problem. Didn’t cause any issues for me (except me to sitting here staring at a screen waiting for it to change), but just wanted to make you aware of it more than any thing

I have no idea why it was changed in the first place but I’ve asked it to be reverted back.

This has now been fixed on live, we just reverted it back. The button was only changed to add a small pointy arrow.

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