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Logging an invoice payment to a different nominal account



We usually deal with customer payments by tagging them directly in the bank account and (in the process) creating an invoice on the fly.

I recently had to pay a preexisting invoice manually via “Log Payment” on the invoice screen. (This had to be done because it was a foreign currency invoice and the sterling equivalent was different on the payment date, so bank tagging wouldn’t work.)

I noticed - in this process - that the “Log Payment” dialog on the invoice screen does not appear to let you specify which nominal account the payment should be posted to. In other words, it always gets posted automatically to “General Sales” without an option to give a different account. This is in contrast to bank tagging where you have a dropdown list of accounts.

This could be a (small but annoying) issue for us because we often post income to custom accounts for donations and grants, instead of general sales. It would be a nuisance to have to journal the transaction afterwards to move it out of general sales to a different account.

I am wondering whether I missed anything in the “Log Payment” process, and that this facility (to specify a different account) does exist and I just didn’t spot it?



Hello @mfmorris

With invoices, the nominal code is set as part of the invoice rather than the payment.

You should be able to modify the invoice to change the nominal. On each invoice line, there’s a little cog symbol. Clicking this will reveal the option to change the nominal account the value is recorded against. This can be changed on a line-by-line basis, so you can have multiple nominals per invoice if required.

This gif is taken from a guide to illustrate the comment line function, but you can see the nominal (‘category’) selector here too:

I hope this helps!


Thank you! I never understood that about invoices.

Much obliged for your help.


No problem at all!

There’s a range of things you can do. I’m not sure of the details of your business, but perhaps things such as project tags could be helpful to work out income and expenses for various events/activities (assuming your a charity from the “donations” mention above).

We have various guides which may help, but please feel free to post your questions and we’ll try our best to help


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