Logging card payments

i am a shop selling ice cream, i can log daily cash sales but i dont seem to have an option to log daily card sales, how do i log daily card sales.

The best way is to open a bank account in your bank account section in quickfile. The best position would be merchant account section. If you use square to take card payments you can have a feed which creates all transactions including square fee automatically. If you use another card payment provider you are may able to use zapier to get your daily takings into quickfile.
But if you just enter a daily lump sum into quickfile manually that is fine too. And whatever method you use a separate bank / holding account in your merchant section would be best. You just enter your daily income and when your card provider transfers the money to your bank account you tag it as an transfer between accounts, as you would do with your cash account. If you don’t have a bank feed for your current account, you enter the money from your card payment provider as a in transaction manually (or upload a bank statement) before tagging it as a transfer between accounts.

Here is a link which descripts this in detail:

Accounting for income from a payment service provider

Hope this helps

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