Logging daily takings - retail shop

Hi, i’m new here but for the last 3 hours i have not been able to enter any data and cannot find a solution to my problem.

i am a sole trader for a retail shop, therefore i will not be invoicing each customer but need to log payments, i have found the 3 pages that say that yes this would be redundant to do this, but hasn’t given any/enough detail to log daily takings without having to invoice -> send and then accept payment, there is no need for the client name and the payable within date

i would like help on how to use quickfile for retail as all i can see this is good for is anything but.

please help as i am beginning to think this was a waste of time.

You may find our knowledgebase guide on ’Accounting for Daily Takings’ useful.

well no, this doesn’t, its lacking information, what do i do with the client name box?, what do with the invoice due date?, do i have to create the invoice each day and then go through all the options to the accept payment from the client (being the till)?. if i do have to go that long winded way of doing this ill just stick to my spreadsheet as its much simpler and faster for entering and viewing data.

The guide has been updated, please see the following clarifications:

You can ofcourse log your takings on a weekly or even monthly invoice depending on the level of reporting required.

Client name recommendations:

When logging your invoice we would recommend creating a client called ‘Till sales’ or ‘Daily takings’. You can also create separate clients to differentiate cash and card sales, or any other payment methods for that matter, again it all depends on the level of reporting required.

As for the due date, it’s really not important as the invoice is getting paid straight away.

I would add that if you complete Z1 till readings, each Z1 reading should be logged individually as a new invoice, therefore if you take the Z1 reading intermittently, then simple raise a new invoice for each Z1 as of the date taken. You can also scan and attach a copy of the Z1 to each invoice.

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