Logging in to same account from different computers


My colleague needs access to my quick file account however every time he tries to log in from his laptop a verification email is sent to my email address. I then need to forward that to him before he can click on the link and log in. Can you please tell us how to resolve this so he can log in by himself?

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You may want to set his own account up (for event logging if nothing else).

If you go to Account Settings > Team Management (or similar), and you can do it there :slight_smile:

It also sounds like they are clicking Forgot Password every time as well.

It actually sounds to me like he’s clicking the login button on the homepage. This will either show the account previously accessed (based on a cookie) or allow you to search for the account address based on the email.

All you need to do is give him your account address and ask him to bookmark it. I.e. the login link you use to access QuickFile.


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