Logging prepayments


How can I allocate a certain amount to an invoice from prepayment on account.

Hi @Gitty_W

When allocating prepayments to an invoice you will have to allocate all of the prepayment, you cannot split it.

The prepayment can cover all, or a partial balance of the invoice.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

and if I want to allocate a certain amount, not full invoice from a payment received?

Hi @Gitty_W

Can I just clarify - do you mean you want to allocate part of a pre-payment to an invoice, or just mark part of an invoice paid from a prepayment?

As @QFSian mentioned above, you have use a prepayment to pay off part or all of an invoice (e.g. a prepayment of £500 against an invoice of £800). But you can’t allocate just part of a prepayment to an invoice (e.g. £300 of a £500 prepayment against an invoice of £800).

When allocating a payment from bank account to invoice, can I allocate a certain amount?
e.g. payment of £500 received , invoice of £300 and i want to allocate £250.00

Is that possible?

Sounds awfully like transactional accounts would be handy here…

QuickFile doesn’t allow this directly, you’d have to split the bank transaction (delete the £500 one and create two £250s in its place, tag one to the invoice and the other as prepayment) or use a holding account (tag the £500 as a transfer to another account then create the two £250s in there). But this will then show in the client statement as two payments of £250 rather than one of £500.

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