Losing Invoice Month header when Modifying Invoice

When I create invoices, I always create a New Time Event Line with the Month of the Invoice e.g. JUNE 2017 (with a zero and zero in the columns). I do this so I can see easily what month the invoice refers to. HOWEVER, whenever I come to Modify the Invoice, this Time Event Line always disappears although it is still there in the background somehow. Should I name the invoice in a different way? See the image:

Hi @AlexWalker

I think there is an underlying issue here, but will discuss this with our development team to see what’s going on and see how it’s expected to behave.

However, I think what may be a better way to do this would be to name the invoice on creation manually, rather than allowing the system to produce one for you.

If you go to Account Settings >> Advanced Features, you’ll see an option to enable ‘Name invoices on creation’:

This then adds a line to the invoice creation screen, so you can put the name you want in here (like in your example, you could put the month and year):

Or, you could add a comment line:

That is exactly what I wanted to do from the outset !!! Thank you very much.

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