Lost all information

I have been on quickfile and updated my last 5 months accounts, but when I have returned to system, all information is lost and i cannot log into the same account, it is coming up with 1 entry which I did do as a test at the end of my session, can you help reinstate my account please
the account is in the name of aquaproofroofing

How did you enter the info? When you click create a purchase for example and save it, you can’t just re write the purchase and save it again, you have to click on create a purchase again.

I have known people to think they can just save it, then re write it and save again, and once they have done it all, notice only one purchase has been recorded.

No, I was creating a new estimate and it went ok, but then seems to have wiped out all the existing/previous info and now only shows this new estimate

Hi @lighthouse1,

Do you have more than one QuickFile account which could have caused confusion? Creating an estimate shouldn’t cause anything else to be deleted?

thank you, I have now sorted the problem

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