Lost login details

I had a major crash on my laptop and cant now log in
How am I able to retrieve my username and password ?


Hi @bjohnson1965

Do you remember anything about your account? For example, the web address you use to log in, or the email address you used?

If you’re unsure of the email address, you can go to our home page and click “Login”. Entering your email address here will send you a list of any accounts associated with it.

If you remember your log in address (https://your-company.quickfile.co.uk), then you can go there and click ‘I forgot?’ to regenerate your password.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help.

Thanks I will try this

I think I have 2 accounts 1 blank and 1 with all the stuff I need

I will perservere

No problem.

If you don’t have much luck, please let us know your business name and we’ll try to help you further.

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