Macro type routines (Bulk client statements)

Is there anyway to script a procedure - for example sending out statements. I know how to do it manually, and I know I can go into each customer and set up a recurring schedule, but what would be useful is the ability to manually send a statement to customers who owe more than £300 with a routine rather than having to go into each customer and manually send

Why don’t you just use auto generated, with balance only. It’s a start, so only customers who owe you money will get one.

When you say…auto generated… do you mean by going into each customer and setting the statement to auto recur, or is there some way to click a button and send a statement to all customers who have a balance (that’s what I can’t find)

Yes, as per setting each customer first.

The only way, I currently know to bulk statement is to yourself in pdf, check box each one you require, then run the report.

This is not to each customer, as the whole pdf file gets sent to you, to print and snail mail / post.

So unfortunately, you need to set each customer first, but can be with balance only, or send anyway.

I personally send, with auto feature, statements each month, regardless of balance, as customers like to know they owe nothing, or in credit.

With the auto feature, one less thing to worry about then. Very useful if you have many customers.

For regular customers I try and time statements a week before payment of the last invoice is due.

Thanks both - QF has some powerful features but does require a large upfront set up. With Statements I like to run through and manually pick which and when to send so I can take account of current trading relationships. The other accounts software begining with Q has the ability to scroll through a customer list and tick the ones to send an invoice to, then email them all with 1 click. That said, they have other issues and on balance I still prefer QF


I know the software you mean, used it for 20 years or so, moved to quickfile, which I really like. Plus you just can’t compare the pricing structure.

Quickfile for the money, is very good.

But do agree, a list of customers to tick, and bulk email statements would be good. But when you think, if Quickfile started to do all the features of such other accounting softwares. They would need to drastically increase the price.

Not only to cover their time, but we forget, the massive infrastructure of computer servers, and hardware needed to run thousands of accounts in the cloud, etc.

No question QF is amazing value. For me it wasn’t price it was because QB has certain limitations with their cloud version which don’t exist on the desktop version. I also tried Pandle which has a similar pricing model to QF but although it’s OK, I found it less intuitive to use and again there were some things it couldn’t do.

So far with QF, I can do everything, it’s just that some of it is harder to set up than it should be. It’s odd that they have implemented some very advanced stuff like customer bespoke trading styles and individual customer log-in areas, but left off some more basic functionality

Hi @scooby_7

Unfortunately this isn’t something we support at present. We can certainly consider this for the future.

If you have any suggestions about making your workflow easier within QuickFile, we’re always open to ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

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