Main page showing from client view not owner view

I went to login yesterday and my account is showing as a client rather than an owner. I’ve had the page link resent to me and clicked on the link next to the one that says ‘you are the owner’ but it’s still showing from a client’s view. Anyone else having the same problem or know how to fix it? TIA

This happens if you accidentally create a client contact with the same email address as the account admin, e.g. if your browser decides to autocomplete the email field with your own address overwriting the one you entered for the client. I thought QuickFile had put in a check to stop this from happening but they clearly haven’t caught all cases…

Once it happens it requires intervention from @QFSupport to fix.

A few months back we did introduce a check to prevent users creating a client record and assigning the same email address as an admin user. However we didn’t go back and remove existing client records with a conflicting email.

@Chloe_js we will send you a private message to get some more info on your account.

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