Main site and community loading

Both sites are loading painfully slow, on par with dialup is there an known issue ?


There are no known issues and everything is loading fine for me.

The community site is actually hosted separately to the main site, so if the one is affected, the other isn’t.

Who is your internet provider? Are you experiencing this on any other sites?

TalkTalk Business, no not on any other sites, its mainly the main site that is slow, and more so the loading of invoice list screens and bank transaction screens, i know i have a lot in both these types of pages but the load speeds have never been an issue except once, where QF was running a REGEXP on something, hence why i asked. Its been a while sincve i logged in and quite a few changes, including the showing of tagged vs untagged transactions, which looks and is a bit easier except that its a bit cluncky after searching and having to re-ticked “tagged” and un tick it again to get it to show the untagged for what i searched.

We’re pleased to say everything is running fine from our end. It could possibly be a DNS lookup problem.

Are you able to change the DNS settings to use a different server, like the option from Google for example?

There’s a how-to guide here for Windows

i always use google dns and, ISP DNS tend to be slow, the lag disappeared shortly after posting, the issue was not my side, i ran several ping and location tests with various global servers.

Either way the issue has gone for now, please keep the ticket open though as if it happens again over the next week while doing my VAT work i can update this topic instead of wastefully creating another.


Glad to hear that this resolved itself. I have set the ticket to remain open, please let us know if you experience any further speed related issues.

This can now be closed i have since not had the issue.


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