Make API easier to integrate with Zapier

Thanks @maguay, we will certainly take a another look at this and make a decision shortly on the best way forward. We are still very keen to have a working integration with Zapier, I think we just need to roll up our sleeves and try a few things out.

I hope you don’t mind if I PM you with the odd query that our devs may have going forward?

@Glenn Awesome great to hear that—and feel free to get in touch anytime!

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Of course, the individual Quickfile users will need to subscribe to a paid plan if they need more than 5 “zaps”, so you wouldn’t need to worry about how to pass on the costs as the individual would be directly responsible for their own subscription with Zapier.

Whilst I appreciate there is work to change the authentication mechanism I remain hopeful that Quickfile will be added to Zapier. In the meantime I will have to investigate how I might be able to gaffer tape things together with static webhooks. That will have to go on the To Do Later list for now though.

Any news on the progress of the “Quickfile CRM”?

As I say, this is something we’re committed to looking at in much more detail. We’ve been so busy this year we have only really had time to take a cursory look at Zapier.

Regarding CRM, this is not an area that we will be exploring, although I know @Parker1090 was working on something to this end.

Hi @craig1

The CRM is still a work in progress I’m afraid. Certainly not something I’m giving up on, but my workload has increased over the last few weeks.

If you (or anyone else) wishes to send me a PM with their email address, I can add them to the keep informed list :slight_smile:

We are pleased to say that we are now in a position to BETA test our Zapier integration. If you are interested please send me a private message on this forum and I will return an invite link to you.

The initial release will allow for the following triggers to be set in QuickFile:

  • New Invoice, Estimate or Recurring Template
  • New Client Created

We also support the following actions to be initiated from other Zapier applications:

  • Create new Invoice
  • Create new client record
  • Create new bank entry

Here is a full list of Applications available within Zapier.

Any questions please do get in touch

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QuickFile are not listed?

It’s invite only at the moment:

HI @Armando_Coletta, as @Parker1090 suggested refer to Glenn’s announcement and send him private message to receive an invite.

Ok Ive signed up. Ive bought the Woocommerce extension and Ive set up the zap. (Woo New Order - QT Create Invoice) Question: How does the zap know its my QT account?

Hi @Armando_Coletta, when connecting your QuickFile account to Zapier you have to enter unique Account API Key.

Account Settings>>3rd Party Integration>>API

Hi Glenn - I would be keen to start testing the Zapier integration. Can you provide an invitation? Thank you

Yip. That worked. Seems to have gone through fine but the purchase detail between Woo and Quick file isn’t as good as it could be?

Under the ‘Match up WooCommerce Order to QuickFile (Pre-release) Invoice’ There is no customer address field? No customer email field and lots of other information thats captured by Woo that can’t be migrated onto the invoice because the fields are provided on the Zapier set up?


The invoice creation method for Zapier does use a simplified form, we can certainly look at supporting address and email translation in future updates.

In the mean time you could possibly map these fields into the notes section:

Do you know how WooCommerce deliver the address? Is it one blob of text or do they split e.g. address line 1, address line 2, city, postcode etc and allow these fields to be mapped individually.

We store addresses on our side in split format so we would need any connecting party to deliver like this too.

Adding all that info would presumably add it onto the notes section of the invoice?

I’ve looked at the woo commerce data pass and from the front it looks seperate but from the back it looks like one blob. I’ve added screen shots of the front and back end for you to take a look at.

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I have the images, and have removed them so you don’t have any private info on the public forum.

We’ll have a look at this in due course.

Ok Glenn appreciated thanks.

Hi Glenn, I need to use Zapier to integrate my ebay sales into my Quickfile account. Before ebay managed payments I could use PayPal integration of Quickfile but ebay stopped supporting PayPal. I need to use Zapier to collect ebay sales into Quickfile. Only automated invoice creation will be enough. Because I sell many products and I cannot manage them manually. There are many information in this forum regarding Zapier integration, I would like to ask that, if Quickfile and Zapier can be integrated or not. Thanks

Hi parastore,
Yes, you can connect ebay with quickfile by using zapier. With this connection you can create invoices, clients/customers and bank entries from your sales on ebay in quickfile.
Have a look here:

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