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Making Tax Digital - Guidance

I’ve enrolled for MTD with HMRC, but not received any email notification / confirmation after the event. However, I did contact them over the phone and was told everything was in place.
I’ve followed QuickFile guidance but not sure I’m getting the correct tabs to click. I’m presented with this:

Hopefully you can see the jpeg, but if not the image is the QuickFile tab after clicking on Reports and HMRC - I’ve only presented with the option to click if I’ve been part of the MTD pilot scheme, which I wasn’t. Can you advise please?
Thanks, Eddie.


Apologies for any confusion, but if you click on “Activate MTD Features”, you should be able to connect your HMRC account as normal.

If you encounter any errors during that process, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hi Mathew, I believe it is now working and ready to send. Should I export and check figures before sending? If I want to leave and get back to this, will the process be straight forward?
Thanks, Eddie.

We always recommend exporting the figures and checking them before sending, just to be sure they are accurate.

You can come back to this any time and generate a new report for an open period. We’ll just recalculate this based on the data in your account.

You may also find this guide helpful: VAT Returns Guide

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Thanks Mathew, I’ll export and check and get back to sending later.

Thanks for your help and assistance, much appreciated.

Regards, Eddie

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