Mandatory fields in New Invoice

Good afternoon
I wanted to find out if there is an opportunity to add mandatory field that will be always when creating a new invoice.

I need to always have a field Payment fee? I forget to add a commission that charge me payment system.

You’re no longer allowed to add a surcharge for card payments, at least not for anything where the client is a consumer rather than another business.

Hi Ian
Client has a choice how to pay for the service by bank transfer or card.
By providing a price we do not know how client will pay for the service. Our clients are both private and companies.

Right, and following recent changes in the law you are no longer allowed to add a surcharge for some methods of payment but not others.

Most businesses have either absorbed the charges into their existing margins (as retail shops have always had to do) or increased their prices for everyone to cover the extra overhead,

Well, we warn the client that the price will be more expensive and even when billed the customer can say that he has changed his mind about paying the card and will pay by bank transfer.

Hi @London

To answer your question - unfortunately it’s not possible to add a custom mandatory field.

Just to reiterate what @ian_roberts mentioned, charging a fee based on the method of payment is no longer legal for B2C transactions, which has been the case since January 2018. The article that Ian linked to, taken from the Gov UK website, explains this introduction and the reasoning behind it. It can lead to action being taken by Trading Standards against the business for doing so. It would be easier to not charge any clients the transaction fee if your customer base is mixed business and consumer, to avoid any issues further down the line.

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