Manual reminder or re-reminder

Any chance of sending a re-reminder to customer for outstanding invoice?

Right now we have a 3 strike system for reminders. You can set the intervals and customise the wording for each stage.

Automated overdue invoice reminders

Are you are looking to send a reminder as and when you please, rather than wait for the schedule?

Yes an option for reminder which can be sent any time

OK makes sense, I’ve switched this to a feature and put this in our short-term plan. We should have this implemented in 2-3 weeks.

Juts to let you know, there is now a provision to send reminder emails from the invoice preview screen.

These additional options will be available whenever the invoice is overdue.


Brilliant Glenn, is that for new invoices and not for existing ones?

Any invoices (new or current) that are overdue, these options will appear.

I cannot see this option on existing overdue invoices?

Does the invoice have the following label?

Also check the due date here is today or before.

If it’s definitely overdue PM me the account number and invoice number and I’ll take a look.

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