Manually entered bank payments

I have manually created a payment on the bank account to take into account the invoice being created in Euros and the bank converting to sterling. I find that there is a 6p difference and i need to update this to reflect the correct bank balance. Can you tell me how I change a manual entry from 12th Feb this year please?

Hello @eftlizzie

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you’ve been invoiced in EUR but the money has been taken in GBP from your account. However, the transaction is £0.06 short of the real transaction value, and therefore your bank balance is also out by £0.06.

Is that correct?

yes that is correct thankyou

Great - thanks for confirming.

Has the invoice and/or transaction been locked at all (e.g. due to a VAT return or a year end procedure)?

no it had not been locked

In that case, you can simply delete the old transaction and re-tag the invoice with the correct value. Because it’s a non-GBP transaction, it would have to be done from the invoice side.

Hope that helps!

Yes its Ok now thank you very much.

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