Mapped Invoice not appearing


My accountant is linked to me as a supplier and a purchase is raised automatically when she sends me a invoice. However it does not contain any invoice. It’s just a purchase recipe. Where am I supposed to be looking for the actual invoice?

The purchase invoice that gets generated is a mirror of the sales invoice. You can go directly to your suppliers client area (e.g. and login to this separate control panel if you also want to view/download the sales invoice. The idea behind the mapping system was to eliminate the duplication, so the purchase invoice on it’s own should be sufficient.

ok, thanks for letting me know. Not how i expected it to work though as I need a invoice as well as a purchase invoice. I think it would be a improvement if you got both.

If you are receiving the invoice from a supplier, it is the purchase invoice. An invoice is what you send to clients. There shouldn’t be both for a purchase

Well at the moment what happens is that I get a purchase raised automatically then I have to go and find the invoice (as you mentioned under supplier) and upload that to the purchase. Why not have the invoice uploaded automatically?

Each purchase (whats created automatically) also needs the full invoice from the supplier.

They are one of the same. The purchase invoice that automatically appears is a mirror of the invoice the supplier raised on your account. The point of this system is to remove the duplication.

Well the purchase invoice does not contain the suppliers logo or payment details etc. Which means i still have to go and get the real invoice and then upload that to the purchase.

I will pass your comments on to the development team. In the mean time you can obtain a copy of the original invoice by accessing your supplier’s control panel at their unique QuickFile address e.g.,uk.

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