Mass Replacement to lost documents

Hiya, excuse me if this has already been covered.

I just found out / released about the mass loss of documents. Is there any way of re-uploading / tagging these documents on mass?

Yes they can be re-tagged on mass. I will send you a PM to get further account information along with additional instructions.

Generally speaking if you can bulk import the files back into the Receipt Hub (Dropbox is a good way to do this), you will see a link to a “retag tool”. This will compare the file names to what was there before and link them back to their original purchases.

unfortunately I have a couple of quickfile accounts and I am not sure which one has drop box configured or if you can run two on the same dropbox…

I sent you separate private message so we can figure something out here. If you reply to the message we’ll take it up from there.

I have recovered my lost receipts from iPhone APP as suggested in another blog. they are jpegs, i have also put them into the dropbox folder and they are in the process of being loaded into my receipt hub. However it just dawned on me that the auto tool cannot process them, any help would be appreciated as there are quite a few.

@colin_w_hulme We used our own tool to re-tag around 110 items. There remains about 26 items untagged on the receipt hub, these items appear to have been untagged previously.

Hi Glenn, thanks for this

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