Membership expired and no longer trading


I have let my sub expire but need my 16-17 figures for tax return for end of this month.

Is there a way to downgrade my account as there wont be any/many inputs so to speak?

How long ago did you stop trading? If it was a while back then your account may have dropped back into the free tier already (at which point you’ll still be prompted to renew the subscription but it is no longer compulsory). If your account is still “L” or bigger then the fastest way to regain access temporarily would be to sign up for the Affinity platform and attach your account to that. I believe you get some free credit with a new affinity account which would see you through a few months of one “L” or “XL” account, but even if you don’t it only works out at a couple of pounds a month rather than having to pay for a year up front (and once your account does drop to “M” or lower you could disconnect it and stop paying).

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@adrian_sadler1 - I’ll send you a private message to discuss this with you

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