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Merging bank account data in Quickfiles

I have been using Quickfile for the last few months (basic accounts only an hour or so a week) and have now got to grips with it but realise I have made some mistakes in set up when I started.
The first few invoices I marked as received and that payment was paid to the default ‘current account’ I then set up a ‘new’ account so I could up load statements from my bank etc and all payments since then have been listed to the account I set-up. BUT how do I bring across the first few payments from the current account to the account I set up.
I can export them but can’t see away of importing them to the account I want them to show in.
And becuase of this Quickfile thinks I have two account when I only have one bank account.
I hope this makes sense.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

How many payments are in the incorrect bank account? If you export them and reimport them (there’s an option to “import statement” at the top at the top of the statement view), it would untag all the payments.

If you only have a hand full of transactions, there is a potentially easier way. Let me know and I’ll advise on the best route for you :slight_smile:

I think it’s only 7 paid invoices
thank you

You could use the bulk re-coding tool, this will allow you to reallocated those entries from the general ledger.


I think you have mis-understood…I have being allocating paid invoice totals to the default ‘current account’ then set up my actual bank account within Quickfiles and want to move within QF these payments logged in the current account to the bank account I set-up as that is where the actual money is. because when I download my statements to the account I set up these early payments within QF are not showing as they are in the default ‘current account’.

The bulk re-coding tool @Glenn suggested should work fine for this.

If you go to Reports >> Chart of Accounts, and scroll down to Assets and Liabilities. Expand this section and find the bank account the payments are in at the moment, and click the magnify glass.

Then, select all transactions (blue) and click ‘Move to new code’ (green):

Select your new bank account and click ‘Save’.

Job done! :slight_smile:

Excellent, very clear explanation thank you for this.

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I only managed to do this by going to Balance Sheet, selecting the bank account (Building Society) and then moving to the Current Account. Thanks!

This is exactly what I needed to do but with many hundreds of invoices and purchases. Your directions worked a treat, thanks very much!

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