Merging project tags

I wonder if someone can help. I am trying to fix some errors that a client has made when assigning project tags to purchase invoices. The client inputs the purchase invoices into quickfile and then tags then to specific projects, however, for one project they have created 2 similar project names for the same project and they have have tagged some invoices to 1 project, some invoices to the other and some to both. Is there a way that I can merge these 2 project tags under one name so that I don’t have to go through every single invoice and put it to the correct project tag.


Hi @RAD1975.

There isn’t a way to merge projects but you can bulk re-tag.

So if you go into Reports >> Projects, select the tag you want to change, and then View all Sales Invoices, you can bulk retag these and then do the same for View all purchase invoices etc

Hope this helps

That’s great. Thank you very much. I will do that and it will save a load of time.

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