Message all clients

Can I send a broadcast message to all clients, if facility not available could it be done?

This is not possible in Quick File, I’m not sure it ever will be to be honest. These sorts of bulk mailing capabilities are more of a CRM function and could leave us open to spammers. The measures we’d need to implement to restrict this may not be worthwile for us.

One thing you could is export your client list out of Quick File and then import it into something like MailChimp. We would even consider a way to automatically link Quick File to MailChimp (or some other bulk mailer) for this purpose.

I suggested MailChimp as I think they have quite a generous free tier and they’re very well established.

How about using your for a standalone business consortium. Did you write the s/w yourselves or is it something I could setup from same supplier you may have got it from ?

The forum software we use is provided by Discourse. It’s still in Beta phase as far as I am aware but you can download the source code and host it on your own servers.

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