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Message or tag colleagues to make them aware of something

Is there any way that you can message or tag a colleague to make them aware of something in quickfile.

For example,
Not everyone has access to the bank feeds, when the payments are tagged it would be handy to be able to add a note to a colleague that this person has paid and they need to follow the next process.

Or if there is an issue with an invoice then the sales team could tag and notify the issue noted to accounts.

Is there something already in the system which does this or is this someything which is a possibility?

Kind regards

Hi @JBond,

You can add notes to things but there is no internal messaging system within QuickFile

Hi, @QFBeth yes I know we can add notes, however people wouldn’t look at the notes unless told to.
Is this something that you have as a potential to add?
You know something like in here where you can @QFBeth and then you are notified?

Hi @JBond I’m not sure how easy it would be but we will leave this as a feature request to monitor interest

I am not bothered about messaging but the way that notes are hidden away below the fold is an issue. What is seriously missing is a way to simply put a flag at the top of the page to warn the user that there is something to read.


Thats why i thought being able to @FolkLondon would be good. then the right person will get triggered to look at it.

Messaging a colleague of something requiring attention is easily done by email with a hyperlink to the item in question.

For an individual transaction that’s fine, The issue is pointing colleagues to the fact that there are important instructions about this client in the notes below the fold weeks or months later.

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