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Messy set up

I am new to Quickfile. My company has 1 bank account but I’ve accidentally set up 3 accounts so far, of which one has the live banking feed. I have set up clients and created some invoices that have been paid.
Problem 1: How do I delete the “mistake” bank accounts?
Problem 2: Most invoices are showing as draft in “all sales”, I don’t want to send the client the invoice (again) as I’ve already sent it before I joined Quickfile. These invoices don’t show as outstanding though.
Problem 3: I can’t easily tag payments received from the bank feed to specific invoices. (The only way is Bank feed- Tag (no matching invoices)- allocate client (no unpaid invoices)

I expect all this is caused by having the invoices as draft

Hope you can help!


You can actually mark invoices as sent without sending it, it will sort your tagging issues too and remove bank transactions from the account before deleting it, if any transaction is tagged it won’t delete bank account for you

That’s amazing, thank you for your quick reply!

My company has 1 bank account but I’ve accidentally set up 2 accounts so far, of which one has the live banking feed. The other one doesn’t exist, has no transactions and is showing a false balance.
Can I delete the false bank account?

If its not needed and no transactions tagged from it you can delete it

I’d like to, but there’s nothing in “options” to do so

Hi Erika, what do you mean with false balance in your unwanted bank accounts. If you mean you entered something to test it, then you have to delete those entries first. Only empty (untagged) bank accounts, as fk mentioned above, can be deleted.

Hi again,

I managed to delete one of the unwanted accounts. There is one however, which has the opening balance showing, which I can’t “empty”. I can go to settings which showed the opening balance, but I cant “zero” that… Any Ideas?
Hiding the account doesn’t help as it still shows in the Balance sheet.
(The whole thing originated at set-up where I started manually entering the account details and then I saw the offer of free trial on the live bank feed which I did. Then I suddenly had multiple accounts showing)

Thanks again!


The opening balance will be a journal. You’ll need to delete that first.

Great! I deleted the journal and the “account” is now empty. I still can’t delete it though /: ( but at least it won’t cause trouble for the reports :slight_smile:

If its one of the default bank accounts you won’t be able to delete it but you can hide it.

Ok thank you! Thanks for your help with this issue ((:

And if you have only test data entered you could also clear your account and start then to enter your real data
To clear your account go to Account Settings and click Clear data in your account.

There you have the choice between a few tick boxes for things you want to keep and for things you want to delete.

Hope this helps

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