Migration of data and transfer of power user subscription

Hi i tried to achieve this same result a couple of years ago but didn’t manage it. The thread was called
Merge sole trader accounts into limited company.

I should like to try again please and migrate as much functionality/data as possible across.

I have three accounts which I would like to consolidate into one. Two of them are set up to be able to invoice with different trading names but l are actually under the same limited company.

I have just activated my power user subscription for one of the trading name accounts but really need the account with the power user subscription to be the limited company instead.

When i have previously tried to migrate the data in csv files the export function of quickfile has omitted a lot of the data from the invoices and i would like to keep all the data/ functionality from all accounts if possible. I also need trading styles set up on this new account.

New Account number is 6131464922
Old ones are 6131442671 and 6131444061.

Thanks Jon

Actually looking through the old thread it appears that the account type can be changed so i could convert one of the sole trader accounts into the limited company. This would solve a couple of the issues. Could i then change its name to match the limited company having deleted the limited company account?

Hi @otsonltd

Can I just confirm, that you currently have 3 QuickFile accounts which are all the same company so you’re looking to merge them?

There is no “merge” option unfortunately, other than the import functions you’ve already explored. Exporting and re-importing complete invoices is a tricky process, so the best you’re able to achieve is a one lined invoice at the moment.

We can however migrate the clients, contacts and suppliers for you if you wish? We can also transfer the PUS (Power User Subscription) for you, however any account that requires a PUS but doesn’t have one, will prompt for payment if you try to reaccess it.

There may be a better option, depending on your answers above. If we can have a few more details (especially about whether they are all one company or not), then we’ll try and advise further.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. The three accounts are all the same company. Two are trading names and one is the limited company account i wanted to consolidate them to. The trading name accounts i set up as i couldn’t send invoices from two different trading names from the same account. It appears that trading styles allows me to achieve this now?

I have recurring invoices on one that i would like to retain. And client history for all of them.

Thanks Jon

All emails are sent from one email address I believe, although the individual names are shown on the client control panel etc.

There’s no direct way to move these from one account to another unfortunately, so they would need to be recreated.

Perhaps an Affinity account would be a better fit for you? While it wouldn’t consolidate everything into one QuickFile account, you would then use one username and password to access all of the accounts, and pay a monthly fee based on those accounts (calculated daily). There’s more information on Affinity here. It’s specifically designed for accountants, bookkeepers and those with multiple accounts.

I have had an affinity account and it doesn’t allow all the data to consolidate which is what i need really. Can you change the power user account to a limited company please, account number 613144267? And copy the clients and suppliers from 6131444061 to that account. And also set up trading styles for it so i can have a look. I want to be able to potentially file my accounts from one accounts so need to consolidate as much data as possible. Is there a workaround for the one line limit on the invoice migration? I noticed there is a cis workaround i will have to read up on also.

We certainly can. I’ll send you a private message to arrange this shortly (please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner).

Once the subscription is active on the other account, you can access this by going to Account Settings >> Design Customisation

You don’t need to copy each invoice over to the new account; in fact, you don’t even need to close the old accounts. You can leave those there for their history too, so you can retain a full log.

I think what you’re best doing is to export a trial balance from the 2 accounts and importing it into the 1 account (as in, the one you’re using going forward), and treat it as if you’re coming from another system. You may even find it easier doing this at year end with the held of your accountant.

Bristol gas services which is the power user account which i would like to convert to a limited company number is 6131442671
Golden green landscapes account number is 6131444061

These were both set up in error as sole trader accounts and are both part of a limited company structure.

I am assuming that the Bristol gas services conversion to a limited company will retain all of the data that is there at the moment? If not i would like it left alone please. Thanks

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