Mileage (petrol expense and claims)

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Newbie Question

If i pay for £30 petrol and the allowance is £0.45 per mile then…

  1. How do I log the £30 spent?

  2. How do I claim it back?

a 1,2,3,4 etc of steps would be good as Im very very new at this.

Or do you log the £30 as directors loan and then pay yourself back? arrghhhhhhh

Have a look here:

Also search for the term ‘mileage’ in the forum, it’s a subject that comes up frequently.

Yip I get that bit

So I dont log the origional £30 spent? Only the mileage at 45p per mile?

Im very new to this so bear with my sillyness

Also - this came from my own pocket and not the business account so how would i log for that?

@Joe any thoughts on this? @Adrian_Sadler I presume you’re a sole trader not a limited company?

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