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Misleading text on cerdit control screen



I just enabled automated credit control and it went a bit wild. The text on the screen said it only applies to new invoices but it ran through all of my current overdue invoices and sent them reminder emails - bit of a nightmare. So have issued apologies all round (I’d already sent them reminders manually) I’ve turned it off until I recover my nerves!

Thought you should know so you can change the text so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

cheers, Karen


Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear about that. The automated credit control system will pickup any invoices that are overdue at the point of activation. The following message is shown when the Auto-Send feature is enabled. It’s only changes to the actual schedule that are applied to newly created invoices.

I appreciate however that these messages combined are not 100% clear and we can definitely do more to warn users about any invoices currently overdue.

I’ve asked for this message to be updated to be much clearer on the consequences.

Thank you for your feedback!

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