Missed submitting a VAT Return in QF how do I correct This

I filed a VAT return to HMRC manually for period 01/07/14 - 30/09/2014 but forgot to submit it in QF as the VAT start date was incorrect. The rest of the VAT returns after that were all submitted correctly and appear as they should. ( 4 further returns )

The Start date has now been corrected to show this period. I have now tried to submit this return in QF but when I go to submit it, the following error message appears.

Vat return submission failed. Please file the VAT return for the period begining: 01/10/2015

Is there a way to resolve this problem and submit this return, as this period is not recorded properly in the accounts.

Thanks - Carlton

QuickFile will only allow you to submit VAT returns in sequence, so if you have 4 VAT returns after this you’d need to roll them back (NOT RECOMMENDED) before you could file for that earlier date.

Is there any reason you want to file this old return on QuickFile? If it’s just for record keeping I wouldn’t bother. As I mentioned above rolling back VAT returns is not advisable and may end up causing you more work in reconciling the accounts.