Missed VAT return

I missed sending the VAT return for quarter 01.03.2023 - 31.05.2023 on time. When i create the return now for this period the wrong figures appear in the preview. When i look at the preview for the current quarter 01.06.23 - 31.08.23 it includes the figures for the the previous quarter. How do i submit the correct figures for quarter 01.03.23 - 31.05.23?

When you say “wrong figures” how are you calculating the values you expected? Are you on cash accounting? If so remember that it’s the date when the invoices and purchases were paid that decides which quarter they belong to, not the date of the invoice itself.

Hello @PJmum

Looking at your account the prior period is still open for submission.


The returns need to be submitted in chronological order.

When the Mar-May period is generated, I can see 13 items are being picked up in box 7
Once this return is submitted these would no longer get picked up in your 01.06.23 - 31.08.23 return.

Thanks Steve. When i create the return for Mar-May the preview does not show a figure in Box 4. The figure in Box 7 is also incorrect (we only made purchases, there were no sales for that period). When i export the csv the gross figures are shown in the NET AMOUNT column and the VAT AMOUNT column is empty

Hello @PJmum

As you are on cash accounting the software uses the payment dates to assign the invoices to the returns.

For example QF00020 is dated in July but the payment was made in march.
The vat is not due yet so the gross is reported as net, this will correct the net vat spilt once the July return is done


Thanks Steve, i have realized my error. All sorted now

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