Missing Invoice in P&L

Hello, I have an invoice I can see under purchase but it is not showing in P&L report. Why could this be?

Is it a sales invoice or purchase invoices? Is the issue date within the range you’re reporting on the P&L?

No a purchase. Yes looking for the right period, very odd.

Can you let me know the purchase invoice number please? I will take a look for you.

Hi Glenn

Sorry, it was me being silly, I’ve worked it out now. However, I have just had a question from my accountant that I cannot work out - any ideas?

If you print a profit and loss report for 01/04/13 to 31/03/14 it shows a profit of £12370.50,

but when you print a balance sheet for the same date in Capital & Reserves section includes profit of £12347.54

The difference is in Code 2100 - Creditors Control account Balance sheet shows this as (6549.80) but Chart of accounts report for same date shows as (6522.25)


If I set your COA to report on the following dates, the 2100 creditor control balance matches the balance sheet as would be expected.

The balance sheet only has one date and reports the total balance from the beginning to that date, and in this case it matches the COA.