Missing payment after restoring deleted & matched invoice


I deleted an Invoice in error which was matched to a payment. After restoring the invoice it is no longer matched and there is no untagged payment to match it to.

I don’t want to post a new payment if the existing one is somehow hidden.

Is it possible to locate the payment?

When you delete a PAID invoice there’s an option to either delete the attached payment, or to convert it to a credit on account. If it’s the latter you should see the credit on the client detail screen and you can attach it to the new invoice.

You can also search the bank to see if the payment is there, obviously it helps if you know approximately the date/reference. If it has been removed then it will likely throw your bank balance out too.

Thanks Glen. I will check the bank balance. I didn’t think I deleted the payment but it is not there so I will probably be proven wrong.

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You can still view the deleted invoice.

In the event log at the bottom it should tell you when the payment was added.

Thank you Glenn.

I cannot find the payment on the date suggested so it must have been deleted. This account never balances as it is a private account which has many other transactions on it that are not business related so I couldn’t check the balance to make sure.

Interestingly though, when in the bank you can view the linked invoices but in the invoice you can not view the linked bank transactions.

Hi @keithhirst

If your invoice has any payments against it, you would see a payment link at the top of the invoice:

Clicking this link will show you a list of all the payments, including date, amount, bank etc

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Aha. Just found it on another invoice thank you.
What I was referring to is when you click on the Tagged button on a bank statement it shows you the linked invoice
but doing the same in Purchase Management does not provide the same function:

Can I just say how fantastic and reassuring it is to get such quick and friendly support :smile: