Missing payment reminders

I have set up in credit control section payment reminders being ready for me to send them manually on 1st, 10th and 20th day after a due date. Previous months it was working ok. But in this month after sending the first reminders the second reminders which supposed to be ready for me to send them on 10th of July (as the due date for all my monthly invoices for all my regular clients is always the last day of the month so in this case it was 30/06/2018) are not there even if now they are 11 days overdue. There are only a few reminders for a few of irregular overdue invoices available there. Can you tell me why reminders for my regular monthly invoices are not there and how to fix it?
There is also one more thing - lately it happend two times while refreshing bank feeds not all bank transaction have been feeded into Quick File (each time one transaction was missing). Any idea how it could happend and how to avoid it in the future?

Hello @Iwona1

If you view your outstanding invoices (Sales > Outstanding Invoices), are the missing invoices showing as stage 2? This would be a mid-red colour.

What bank are you with, and what type of feed are you using (e.g. Yodlee, Chrome extension)? Is there anything you notice about the missing transaction (e.g. the description, date and/or value matches an existing transaction)?

yes, in the outstanding invoices section I can see missing invoices in mid-red colour. There are also some invoices there in stronger red colour (this may be stage 3 I guess).

Regarding missing bank transactions both transactions were payment from clients, both for £75 (each), one of them made 09/07/18, second one made 03/07/18. This is Hsbc bank account.

Forgot to add: I use Yodlee feeds.

Please accept my apologies - the colour reflects the days rather than the overdue stage. I’ve located your account. I’ll send you a private message shortly to get a few details to look at this in more detail for you.

It’s worth noting you can send one manually if you need to by going into the invoice and selecting Send, and just select the reminder template.

If you select More Options >> Bank Feed Details >> Raw Yodlee Data, do the missing transactions appear there? If you refresh the feed and set a further back date (e.g. 01/07/2018), are the missing transactions imported then?

Hi, regarding this private message you supposed to send me, where shall I look for it (as I do not see anything yet)?

I have looked into Raw Yodlee Data and although I can see there one missing transaction (the one from 03/07/18) I can’t see the other (from 09/07/18).

The appear in the top right corner. If you click your avatar (the “I”), and then click the envelope, you’ll see all your private messages. You should see a little green icon up there too.

It does sound like Yodlee didn’t send us this transaction, or when the feed was refreshed, the date was changed so it didn’t pick this up. I’ll grab some more information from you in the private message and I’ll try to find out what’s going on for you.

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