Modify Recurring Invoices' schedule

Hi I have set up a recurring invoice for a client, however 1 of the weeks has a bank holiday so I need to reduce the period from 5 days to 4 then return it back again for the following week, how do I complete this?.

Also at the time I could not set the date to send the invoice for the Friday it would only allow a Monday or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Any active recurring invoice you can just modify the schedule and save. You may want to change the start date to match the precise date you intend the next invoice to be generated and then adjust back later. Just double check the “next due date” when you make the save to ensure this is inline with your expectations.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for replying, so let me get this right, I can open the recurring invoice, modify it (to adjust -1 day) re-save, then adjust the send date to a Friday instead of a Monday, then once that invoice has been sent I can re-adjust back to the original 5 day invoice and re-save, however keeping the new send day of Friday.

Thanks for your help.

Yep should work fine!


Sorry to be a pain I’m new to all this, I’ve just click on the “Show key filing dates” and the first one is 31/10/2013 Deadline for Self Assessment paper return to reach HMRC. What is that as I have only just registered myself with HMRC as a sole trader but as yet I’ve not heard anything from them that was over 3 weeks ago.

I would recommend speaking to your accountant about this, or if you don’t have an accountant call HMRC who will be able to confirm any filing dates. The deadline may not apply if you have recently registered as self employed.


Thanks for all your help, I don’t have an accountant, however I will speak to HMRC.

Thanks so much.

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