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I’m just about to complete my first return and I have accidentally included 20% vat on a fuel expense QF00030, how do I remove the VAT calculation?

I am also VERY confused as to what I can and cannot include on my purchases.


Edit QF00030.

Sorry Lunch, I’m a little confused to your reply.

I would say which bit of my reply but there is only 1 (relevant) word in it so I will assume the word ‘edit’ is not confusing you. All you need to do is edit the purchase invoice and enter the correct figures.

Is the procedure confusing you? Which bit, the actual editing or what to edit?

Sorry Lurch, I saw the edit part it was the text that followed that confused me:

Edit QF00030.

(More characters to get to the minimum limit, do not read this bit, or if you do then do you do not need to take in any of the info within as it is pointless and uninteresting)

My jibe at the minimum character rule. Apologies for making the posting unclear.

Thanks for the help…

I have a small issue thou, in which as you can see I am producing my first VAT return :frowning: However, when I run the report an invoice that is not in that period is included:

Invoice No.000004
Issue Date 30/04/2015
Due Date 21/05/2015

This invoice is included in the report for my VAT return as a Sale in that period. However as you can see the VAT date range does not include the work carried out for the period in Invoice No.000004

VAT Return
Period:01/05/2015 to 31/07/2015
Method:Cash Accounting

How do excluded this invoice?


When was the invoice paid? As you are on cash accounting it would be included in the return if it was paid after 01/05/2015, the invoice date is irrelevant.

Hi Lurch,

Thanks for all you help on this… :smiley:

To answer your question they paid every 21 days so this invoice would have paid on the 21/05/2015.

Why is this then, when the work carried out was before the filing date and the invoice was issued before the 01/05/2015

I must also say I only became VAT registered on the 01/05/2015, so this is when I started to included VAT


If you became registered on 01/05/2015 you cannot charge VAT for any invoices issued before this date so that would need to be amended, as would any other invoices from before you were VAT registered. I assumed that your issue was that you had already filed returns for the previous quarter outside of Quickfile.

Does Invoice No.000004 have VAT on it?

On the cash accounting scheme VAT becomes due when payment is made, so if a customer is invoiced in Q1 but pays in Q2 then the VAT becomes due in Q2.

Bear in mind I am not an accountant so I would always suggest you seek advice from one before committing to submitting your returns. Your first VAT return after registration will likely need some manual intervention.

Hi Lurch,

This accounting stuff and HMRC is a mine field…

I have an accountant, however, I try to do as much as I can. That said he has reviewed this VAT return and has advised that I need to issue them with a VAT only invoice for the VAT that should have been charged on that invoice.

So my question is how do I submit to the client a VAT only invoice, that does not act as a payment of services which would appear in my next VAT return.

You help has been greatly appreciated with this…THANK YOU

Really? For an invoice from before you were VAT registered? That doesn’t sound right, or at least it is contrary to any advice I have been given on the subject.

I don’t understand this bit, if you send the client a VAT only invoice it will appear in the VAT return. If you are collecting VAT, HMRC will want it, hence it appears on the VAT return.

Hi Lurch,

Having spoken to the accountant, you were right in your response “invoice from before you were VAT registered”. So my question is how do I stop Invoice 4 from showing in my VAT return.

Issue Date 03/05/2015
Invoice No.000004
Due Date 24/05/2015

Bearing in mind that payment was made in May


You’ve changed the issue date along the way, which one is correct as one will require VAT and will be on your return and one won’t.

Invoice No.000004 Issue Date 30/04/2015 Due Date 21/05/2015

No VAT on the above as it is was issued pre-registration.

Issue Date 03/05/2015 Invoice No.000004 Due Date 24/05/2015

VAT should be on the above as it was issued after the registration date.

Hi Lurch

Well spotted.

The work was carried out in April, I invoice on the 3rd on May as this was weekending for the work and as you rightly pointed out

So I spoke to the accountant and he confirmed what you said, so I am trying to remove this invoice from the VAT return, I thought changing the date would resolve the issue, however, it doesn’t. I have repeated changing the date to 30/04/2015 but it is still included in the return.

Export from excel VAT return
4 30/04/2015 XXXXXXXXXX xxx xxx

I am struggling to excluded this invoice, were am I going wrong…

What should I do ?


This might be something @Glenn can comment on but it might be because you just altered the date the system hasn’t picked up on it. Deleting and recreating the invoice may work, although I don’t think you should need to.

It’s the payment date (21/05/2015) that’s bringing this invoice into the return rather than the invoice issue date. On cash accounting all calculations are based on payment dates.

Moving the payment date is not always an option as it will mess up your bank balances. So in that case I would go edit the invoice and mark it as “Out of Scope”, this should pull it out of the VAT return.

The other thing you can do is manually adjust the boxes on the return, but I would probably go with the first option.

Gentleman, you have been amazing, Glenn, thanks for nipping in at the end and giving me the solution.

Lurch a BIG thanks for all you help…

TTFN - Andy

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