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Modifying a purchase category after payment


Just started using QuickFile and wondered if it is possible to modify the category on a purchase after payment has been made? There does not appear to be a modify option now I have entered the payment although this seemed possible before payment was made. Not sure if I’m just missing something obvious as I’m still finding my way around QuickFile !

Many thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @lochletterfarm

Welcome to QuickFile :slight_smile:

You certainly should be able to edit it. When viewing the purchase, you should see a “Modify” button at the top.

The only time this wouldn’t appear is if the invoice has been locked (e.g. due to a VAT return).

or due to the purchase having been partly or fully credited - in cases where the purchase itself is locked you can still change the category via a slightly different route:

  • More options
  • Show nominal ledger entries
  • click the blue box-with-an-arrow next to the main purchase category code
  • this takes you to the nominal ledger with that item selected, where you should be able to use the “move to new code” option to change it


Thank you very much! The purchase had been partly credited so that explains why there was no “Modify” button. Your work around did the trick and has sorted this for me :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the quick responses and welcome from all!

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