Modifying purchase invoices

I’ve logged a purchase with the wrong date and am trying to modify it but it doesn’t have a modify tab like all the others. It’s now listed with a 17th June date when it should be 19th March (QF158). Any advice as to how to change it?

Does it have a credit not attached? If it does try removing the credit note first. It could also be locked if you’ve run the year-end procedure or it’s been reconciled in a VAT return.

It does have a credit note attached, yes, but that was put through with the correct date and it doesn’t have a ‘modify’ tab either. I haven’t run a year end procedure and the last vat quarter was march, april, may.

Do you know what I can do about this Glenn? Tim

Yes, to be able to modify an invoice you’d need to first remove the credit note. Once you’ve made the required modifications you’d need to re-add the credit note back on.

Yes, I appreciate I need to remove the credit note but, as I said yesterday, I can’t see how I can do that. The modify/edit tab is nowhere to be seen on the credit note either.

Do you have any other advice on how to rectify this problem please?

You would go into the Credit Note, click “More Options”, then select “Delete Credit Note”

Or delete it from the main list of invoices:

Excellent. All sorted now. I think I tried before deleting it from the main list of invoices, without success for some reason, but I’ve now found the ‘delete credit’ in More Options as you suggested and then the ‘modify’ tab on the invoice has reappeared. Thanks a lot. Tim.

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