Modifying sales invoices with credit note applied

I know you are notable to modify sales invoices once they’ve been submitted as part of a VAT return, but it also seems that once a partial credit note has been applied against a sales invoice these also are not able to be modified.

Is this deliberate or can this be changed?

Thank you, Russell

Credit notes in general can’t be modified and must be instead deleted and re-applied.

Hi Glen - it’s not the credit note we are trying to modify, but the sales invoice it has been applied to, it would appear that as soon as a sales invoice has had a credit note applied, it cannot be modified is this correct?

Yes that is correct, you’d need to remove and then reapply the credit note. When invoices have credit notes there’s quite a bit of validation that needs to go on behind the scenes. This restriction ensures that invoice and VAT totals aren’t modified so that they are greater than what’s on the credit note.

Om - thank you, thought that might be the case. Cheers, Russell

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