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Monthly P&L for Projects



Custom Reports seems very basic? Am i able to run a full P&L, by Project Month on Month?

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Any UK Property Investors Using QuickFile?

Hi @TerryMcGill

The custom reports are mainly for doing some basic calculations on various nominal codes, although we’re always open to suggestions.

I think what you’re looking for is something like the segmented profit and loss report, but for projects? If that’s the case, please see a previous response below:

I don’t believe a feature request was actually started for this, but I’m more than happy to move your post into the #feature category if you wish, and we’ll monitor the interest in this?



Thanks for the response and yes please if you could me the #feature category it would be very useful.

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I would support having this functionality and allowing users to create their own unique basic reports (like mine shown below).