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Monzo Bank Feed Not Updating

I started a connection to my Monzo Bank feed on 20th July but it hasn’t pulled in any transactions since then and there have been about 4 or 5 payments out since then.

I tried clicking “reset view” and also options >> refresh bank feed but they don’t seem to work

Any ideas?
I am on the trial for bank feeds.

Hi @Andyg11

It may be that those transactions are still pending and so won’t show in your feed until they have completed.

These can sometimes take a few days. Is there anything that you feel should be showing?

Thanks Beth.
I just thought the cleared transactions would show in the bank feed perhaps overnight?

Its because I made a purchase and want to connect the payment to the “unpaid” purchase in quickfile so didn’t want to manually enter a bank transaction as it would duplicate when it pulls in via the feed (i assume).

Spot on - any cleared transactions will show up when the feed runs overnight. At this stage, however, there are a few pending transactions on your account. As soon as these clear, they’ll appear the following day