Monzo feed missing refunded payment

I’m using the Monzo bank feed and have a card payment to Amazon that hadn’t yet been pulled through to QuickFile, but now it has been refunded by Amazon and the refund is showing in QuickFile. So it looks like I have had new money come in but actually it’s just a refund. Happy to send screenshots to illustrate.

Is the payment to Amazon cleared on your bank account or is it still pending or so? If is cleared then it should be shown in your bank account in quickfile too. I am not with monzo but most banks have a refresh button on the bank account screen. Have you tried that?
If it is not coming through then there is maybe a bug but you can enter that entry manually in your bank account in quickfile in the meanwhile. Then you can create a amazon purchase invoice and tag it with the payment entry in your bank account. After that you have to tag the refund to same invoice.

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