More decimals required for hourly based invoicing

How can I get more than two decimals in the hourly invoicing hours field? I am using this type of invoicing not to count hours but a percentage of sales (for commission). In the Rate I enter the sales for which I need to calculate the commission and in the hours worked, I enter my commission rate. It works brilliantly in all currencies which is why I do it this way. However I need more decimals: for 3% I can enter 0.03 but for 3.5% I cannot enter 0.035…

Don’t know if the time based lines are the same but for quantity based lines you can copy/paste 0.035 in. Keyboard shortcuts don’t work so you will need to paste it in using the right click menu (accessed from a mouse I would imagine as QuickFile seems to hate people using keyboards)!

Thanks Lurch. I have tried what you suggest but cannot make it work. Can you tell me where you paste the 0.035? For me in “Unit cost” it gets rounded to 0.04 and in “Qty” it gets rounded to 0.

I just checked it in my account. Opened a new invoice, pasted 0.035 in the qty column and it works. I’ve seen this workaround mentioned before on the forum so not sure why yours is rounding down. Are you definitely just pasting in 0.035, no spaces or extra characters inadvertently being entered there?

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It works! How amazing - I can go back to loving Quickfile! Many many thanks for your help.

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When I try to copy & paste 40.435 into hours on an invoice it rounds up to 40.44, any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. It is actually not possible to do. If you want to use more than two decimals, you will need to use Item based inventory entries as opposed to Task (hours) ones. I kind of works but not really because when viewing the invoice, if you refresh the page the number will be rounded…

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