Move between Wise accounts

On the 29th of November 2021, I moved $150 from my USD account to the GBP account.

Then I tagged the transaction in the QuickFile USD account as “transfer between accounts”. During the tagging process, the system asked how much I received in GBP and I entered the amount (£111.85).

At that point, my QuickFile cash balance in the USD account matched the cash in the USD account.

Then, I tagged the same transaction in the QuickFile GBP account and the system also asked me how much I transferred from USD, I entered $150.

After that, QuickFile is now showing a different balance in my USD account. The balance is now $150 USD less than the actual cash balance in my USD account.

How do I reconcile the balances?

I believe the issue is, you’ve created two transfers when there was only one.

When you select transfer between accounts, quickfile will ask you to pick a matching entry in the other account. If it can’t find one it will create one.

It sounds like that’s what’s happens, maybe because of timing differences, then when you found the unmatched transfer you done the same process over again, creating two transfers.

If this is the case, you need to delete one of them.

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