Moving client data from one account to another

Is it possible to move all the client data and client ids to another account. We would like to move our client data to another quick file account and have not had luck doing so via the API.

Creating the same clients on the new account makes new client ids obviously… so we need to store these new ids in our database for reference when creating invoices. Is it possible for the data to be moved over if i provide the account numbers for both quick file accounts?

Thank you!

There will be some limitations when it comes to moving data with the API, namely the provisioning of IDs. If you have an invoice on the source account it will have a given ID, this is an index position in our database. When it’s created on the target account the original invoice doesn’t get removed, but rather a new one is created with a new ID. The same principle applies for pretty much anything else, clients, suppliers, bank transactions, payments etc.

We can simplify the migration slightly by moving all the clients and suppliers for you from account A to account B. You’d just need to let me know the QF account numbers for each of the accounts and we’d run a script for you.

Moving the invoices will require some use of the API although in most cases I’d encourage users just to get a trial balance from the old account and import it to the new account, no need to transfer across every invoice.

Fantastic! All the data we need is the clients, suppliers and invoices etc we don’t need on the new account.

The account with the clients on at the moment is 6131431817

We would like them moved to the account 6131439720

Some of them have been moved through the API, so if you can removed them and get the migration done that would be great.

Also our API max calls is 1000 and not 3000 will this change or is this the new maximum?

Thank you Glenn!

Is it possible this can be done today at all? We are trying to move our web based system onto this new invoicing account but without any of the clients to reference we have to restrict access.


We’ve done a big deployment today so we’re pretty much tied down with testing. I need to send a confirmation to you to agree via a private message, will try to get this to you in the next hour.

Just to confirm, it’s only the clients and supplier we can transfer, no invoices I’m afraid.

Thats fine, it’s just the clients we need, we don’t need the suppliers or invoices.

Many thanks

OK I’ve just sent an email to the admin of the source account, please would you confirm and I’ll get that done ASAP.

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