Moving client to my affinit account

Hi. I have been trying to recue my client data from QF.
The previous accountant doesnt answer and I need the access to reports.Unfortunatelly my client is not administrator,the prevoius accountant is.
I did open my affinity account and try to move my client to it but no luck.The QF support not ansering my email any more.
What are my options?I need to submit vat return by 7 and no accesss to report.
Is the client date lost for ever if the previus accountant will not respond?
What can I do?
She had a healt problem and could be in hospital.That is why she stop working and my client moved to me.

Please help.

Hi @ella1

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here. Where did you send the support emails?

I will drop you a private message however to see how we can help you with this.

Hi Mathew.

You did email me few days ago but no respond since then and my problem still no resolve.

I can see a support ticket that was last responded to by my colleague, @QFBeth, 3 days ago, but we haven’t received any replies since then.

But if you look in the top right corner, I’ve sent you a new private message to try and get this resolved for you.

Yes Beth and you did email me but when I did emailed back I got undelivery message a few times.

Unfortunately if the email was undelivered, we wouldn’t have received it. It’s worth checking the email address it was sent to, and checking the undelivered email to see what error(s) are showing.

But please don’t hesitate to reply to the private message and we can look into this for you.

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